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Rapidus: We Want to Serve TSMC’s Customers, But We Won’t Be Like TSMC

Rapidus, a semiconductor consortium backed by the Japanese government and conglomerates, plans to start mass-producing chips on a 2nm manufacturing process in 2027. To ensure full utilization of its production capacity, Rapidus hopes to win orders from at least one global company that effectively competes with TSMC and other foundries. But at the same time, Rapidus does not plan to become like TSMC.

Developing the latest manufacturing technology costs billions of dollars, and while IBM, which is backing Rapidus with its 2nm manufacturing process, has done a lot of the heavy lifting around materials research and other time-consuming tasks, Rapidus will still have a lot to do. Rapidus estimates that it will need about $35 billion to start manufacturing 2nm chips in 2027, as it costs a lot to install top-notch equipment in factories.

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