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Star Wars Outlaws Devs Promise It Won’t be a ‘300 Hour Epic Unfinishable RPG’

Ubisoft tends to make long games. According to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, it can take up to 143 hours to complete a run. how long to beatAnd some fans fear that Star Wars Outlaws will be similar.

This concern stems from a recent interview confirming that the Star Wars Outlaws planet will consist of “two or three zones” from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. One of the main criticisms of Valhalla was that the content was so vast that many players felt overwhelmed, and this was symbolized by Ubisoft’s staple vast number of maps and his icon.

In an interview with IGN during San Diego Comic-Con, creative director Julian Geraiti and narrative director Navid Cavalli addressed the question of what they consider “too big” in Star Wars Outlaws. Gerighty replied, “Games that are too big are too big for people to play, enjoy, and complete.”

“Our aim is to really draw people into a very dense and rich adventure, an open-world adventure that they can explore at their own rhythm,” said Geraiti. “So this isn’t an epic RPG that 200 hours or he can’t finish in 300 hours. It’s a very focused action-adventure RPG that keeps people hooked and very manageable.”

Cavalli added that Ubisoft wants players to “experience the journey of Kay Vess.”

“We’ve talked about this a lot within the team. Yes, we’re building open worlds, we’re building bustling cities and taverns and vast plains, but we’re always trying to approach it from where the characters are, where the story is. And we’re aware that this could be Kay Vess’ first entry into a planet like Toshara that we built for this. So the thing that’s always on our minds is merging narrative elements into the game.”

Touted as an open-world Star Wars adventure featuring Kay Vess as a rookie villain, Star Wars Outlaws lets players explore multiple worlds, navigate the politics of galactic crime syndicates, and take on missions from Jabba the Hutt (or just outwit him and the famous vengeance hunters send out bounty hunters).

[Star Wars Outlaws] It’s not an epic RPG that can’t be cleared in 200 or 300 hours.

Star Wars Outlaws was first revealed at Summer Game Fest and later at San Diego Comic-Con in more detail, with Ubisoft talking about the process of creating a fully explorable Tatooine and teasing a sort of role for food.

We haven’t had a chance to try Star Wars Outlaws for ourselves yet, so it’s unclear how much it resembles a typical Ubisoft game. However, Khavid suggested that it won’t be as icon-packed this time around.

“I think our job is to allow players to organize their experience according to their wishes,” Khabid said. “One of the great advantages of open-world games is player agency. So if we do our job properly, the game will be so dense and full of different distractions that we won’t have to rely as much on UI presentations for them.”

Check out our full interview with the Star Wars Outlaws developers later today. “Star Wars Outlaws” will be released in 2024.

Kat Bailey is IGN’s Director of News and co-host of Nintendo Voice Chat. Any tips? Send her a DM at @the_katbot.

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