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AAEON Xtreme i12 Blends Intel Alder Lake With Raspberry Pi

AAEON, a Taiwanese manufacturer of industrial computers and an affiliate of Asus, UP Extreme i12 (opens in new tab) A dev board, an odd mix of an Alder Lake processor and a 40-pin GPIO connector, pretty similar to what you’d find on a Raspberry Pi. (opens in new tab) board and is said to be compatible with the Raspberry Pi HAT.

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At least, that’s what it claims. Compatibility is a mix of hardware and software support, with a list of tested HATs. on GitHub (opens in new tab), including parts of Adafruit and PiFace. All tested HATs appear to be I2C and SPI based devices. Via these sharp pins you can add screens, accelerometers, stepper motor controls and Grove sensors. It’s not impossible to use another HAT with this SBC or any other SBC, but you’d have to do a lot of working port libraries and code to make it work.

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