Adobe says Photoshop’s AI feature is aimed at accelerating creative use, not replacing graphic designers

Adobe said May 23rd It plans to integrate generative AI into the Photoshop image editor.

Photoshop now offers a feature called Generative Fill powered by the company’s Firefly AI engine. This allows users to draw images on the fly through a text prompt. In one example, a user transplants a photo of a moose from a forest into an alleyway.

Concerns about generative AI

in another conversation with GuardianAdobe executives cited concerns that such use of AI could lead to reliance on copyrighted images or lead to loss of jobs.

Adobe’s director of digital media and strategy, Chandra Sinnathanby, said the feature is intended to encourage creative use rather than replace graphic designers.

He also said that Adobe’s Content Credentials program will mark images that have been modified or created with AI. The article also mentions that Adobe’s Firefly AI is trained on Adobe’s own image library and public domain images.

NFTs raised similar concerns

Similar concerns have been raised about non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Adobe has added NFT tools to Photoshop and its gallery app Behance starting in October 2021.

However, Adobe tried to address this issue as the NFT functionality also included attribution functionality. In fact, both his NFT capabilities and his AI capabilities from Adobe rely on the same content credentials program to embed author attributes and validate that data.

The Content Credentials program also includes other information such as the device used to take the photo.

Adobe’s post first appeared on CryptoSlate, stating that Photoshop’s AI capabilities are not meant to replace graphic designers, but to encourage creative use.

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