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Amazon Basics CPU Cooler Review: Quiet Air Cooling for Mainstream Rigs

Amazon may have started selling books before becoming the world’s largest online retailer selling just about anything. But part of that rise includes the introduction of the Amazon Basics line, designed to offer commonly used items like batteries, trash bags, and towels at affordable prices.

The brand’s success has moved it closer to the realm of PC hardware, including basic electronics such as USB cables and wall chargers. And finally this year, Amazon has partnered with Cooler Master Amazon Basics Computer Cooling Fan with Cooler Master Technology further expands its lineup with air coolers listed on the site with complex keywords..

At $28.49 USD, this basic air cooler is cheaper than a gas tank, but does it really work? We’ll have to do some testing to see if it works well enough best cooler List, but let’s take a look at Amazon’s specs first.

cooler specs

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model number RR-H410-20PC-AS
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price $28.49 USD
size 102×83.4×136mm
Heat sink material aluminum
Socket compatibility Intel: LGA 1700, 1200, 115x
base Direct touch copper heat pipe
Maximum TDP (our test) ~200W
guarantee not specified

If it’s not obvious from the name Amazon Basics Computer Cooling Fan with Cooler Master Technology, the Amazon Basics CPU cooler is effectively a rebranded Cooler Master product. The included user manual lists the model number as RR-H410-20PC-AS, which is roughly the same as the Cooler Master’s model number. Hyper H410R RGBThe specs are the same as that product, so it’s basically a more affordable rebranding of the H410R RGB.

Packing and inclusions

(Image credit: Tom’s Hardware)

The Amazon Basics CPU Cooler arrives very quickly. Basic Small brown box, efficiently packed. Remove the top to reveal an accessory box, and remove it to reveal a cooler protected by molded foam.

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