Amazon’s Freevee Embraces the Judge Judy Universe

In 2021, Judge Judith Sheindlin, star of the invective courtroom show, pulled out of the dying medium of the daytime broadcast syndicate and joined Amazon to join the streaming age experiment.

Traditional daytime television, including shows like “Judge Judy,” has declined. Is it because you are bored with the content? Or was this decline a matter of convenience and delivery routes, as Amazon expected? To find out, the company asked Judge Sheindlin to produce and star in a new courtroom show, “Judy Justice,” and make it available on Freevee, a little-known free, ad-supported streaming service.

“It was a risk,” Judge Sheindlin recalled at lunch earlier this month. “But for me it was very interesting.”

“Judy Justice” quickly became Freevie’s number one original show, with more than 150 million hours watched in two years, according to Amazon, and the company recently announced two spinoff shows for Judge Sheindlin, 80. and urged to provide a fourth unscripted program. It’s still a secret. Some officials at Amazon Studios in Culver City, Calif., have jokingly called Judge Sheindlin’s show expansion “Judy Bath,” a play on the interconnected stories of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some people are

While Judge Sheindlin builds a small empire in the Amazon, Nepoverse. (Insert her frustrated wide-eyed look at that sentence.) Nepotism has always been rampant in Hollywood, but these days there are actors, directors, and singers who benefit from family ties. , the number of reality stars is growing. amazingly big. New York Magazine has deemed 2022 to be the “Year of Nepo Baby”.

Judge Sheindlin’s granddaughter, Sarah Rose Levy, stars as a legal clerk in Amazon’s recently renewed two more seasons of Judy Justice. (“I feel more comfortable in front of the camera and more comfortable interrupting to respectfully share my point of view,” Levy said.)court justiceThe lawsuit, ruled by three legal experts, including Judge Sheindlin’s son Adam Levy, arrived in Freevee last Friday. New episodes will be released every weekday until his December.

The next series, Justice in Trial, examines the landmark court case, partly through re-enactment, Daniel T. Mentzer, a criminal defense attorney in New York City who happens to be married to one of Judge Sheindlin’s daughters. The hour-long episode focuses on the 1925 Scopes trial, in which a science teacher was indicted for informing his students about Darwin’s theory of evolution. Judge Sheindlin said scope was “more relevant today than ever before,” noting that: florida ban On classroom discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity.

Judge Sheindlin and Amazon declined to discuss a fourth show in development to launch on Freevee sometime next year.

“Judge Sheindlin is a brand,” said Lauren Anderson, head of original programming for Amazon’s ad-supported streaming business. “We’re not saying we want 20 more courtroom shows. But we’re always listening when she’s throwing something.”

Freevie appears in court. Formerly called IMDb TV, the service is also home to the hit documentary-sitcom Jury Duty, in which an unsuspecting man unwittingly participates in a trial between actors. . Free, ad-supported streaming platforms (among others such as Pluto TV, Tubi, and Roku Channel) have become one of the fastest growing segments of media. One reason for this is that some subscription streaming services have increased prices, leading cost-conscious viewers to look for alternatives. .

But Judge Sheindlin remains the biggest draw. As for having her family appear on her own show, she suggested that those who didn’t like it could hit the sand. “I don’t invite or support anyone unless they’re great,” she said. “End of story.”

Judge Sheindlin took a bite of his bolognese rigatoni, but the reporter thought again. Why was her son Adam the best possible choice for the third “court justice” judge?

“You see, everybody wants to be in the entertainment industry. It’s fascinating,” she said. “But not everyone has the ability to connect with their audience. and legally credible. Adam is a meticulous attorney with character. “

Perhaps the next one could be a reality show with a “Kardashian” feel, the reporter suggested to Dry. She brushed off the idea and joined her husband, Jerry Sheindlin, 89, in Jeopardy! , she joked. He yelled out her answer with a little annoyance, she added. (She also likes scrolling through Instagram. “Horses,” she sighs. “Nothing but horses.”)

“Tribunal Justice” is about Levy, a former district attorney for Putnam County, New York, and Monarch Judge Patricia Dimango, who resigned from the state Supreme Court in Brooklyn in 2014, and Tanya, a Yale-educated civil litigator. It is a combination of Mr. Acker. . Judge Dimango and Ms. Acker previously appeared on “Hot Bench,” a show produced by Judge Sheindlin and still airing in syndication.

“The elephant in the room is nepotism,” Levy said ahead of the interview at the Beverly Hills hotel. “If Judy wasn’t the creator and executive producer, I wouldn’t be here. I know.”

He continued, “I worked too hard as a lawyer to develop my reputation as a person of substance who truly respected the law and the judicial process, so it didn’t degrade in that fashion. “

Levy, 54, began his career as a Long Island prosecutor in the early 1990s. Ten years ago, while serving as the Putnam County District Attorney, he got into a nasty feud with the local sheriff for interfering in a rape investigation. Levi denied any wrongdoing and sued him for defamation.he won with the sheriff forced to apologize Pay $150,000 for lying.

Most courtroom show judges don’t go through piles of evidence before hearing a case. (If you ruled one failure in the dog-grooming case, you ruled them all.) But Mr. Levy refused to operate in that way in the “Tourney of Justice,” insisting that the producers to create a huge amount of paperwork and force justice. Judge Sheindlin said Dimango and Acker had stepped up the game.

An early “Tribunal Justice” episode featured tanned defendant Brenda Bieber, who was accused of running away with $760 worth of property. Mr. Levy started with a gentle question. But when he seemed to catch the plaintiff’s lie, his demeanor changed.

“Stop!” he shouted. “Show me the evidence! Right now!”

As part of a recent deal with Amazon, Judge Sheindlin will continue to star in Judy Justice until at least 2025, when she turns 82. Is she starting to think about passing the baton?

“The short answer is yes,” she said. “But it’s more than just passing the baton,” she said, wanting her worldview to continue to be reflected. “Like me, Adam is a person with personal responsibility,” she said.

In another interview, Levy talked about his style.

“If someone comes to court and lies or exaggerates or does something they shouldn’t, I want them to feel ashamed and humiliated to reduce the chances of them doing the same thing again.” I want to be able to get out of there,” he said.

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