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AMD AM5 AGESA Update Adds DDR5-8000 Support

According to multiple sources reddit, twitter, TechPowerUp reports that AMD has significantly improved DDR5 memory support on the AM5 platform with a new microcode update known as AGESA This update allows DDR5 frequencies up to 8000MHz without issue on some boards and the optimal 1:1 (UCLK:MEMCLK) ratio up to 6400MHz. Gigabyte and ASRock have already published stability runs with their new BIOS updates, showing that 8000MHz and 7200MHz work flawlessly. Aorus X670E Master and X670E Taichi.

At the moment only a few AM5 motherboards have the new microcode update. Still, we suspect that updates will become more readily available in the coming weeks, depending on each motherboard manufacturer’s launch schedule.

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ASRock X670E taichi New BIOS supports 7200 xmp/expo memory links internally… from r/Amd

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