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AMD Demos AMD Advantage Gaming PC: RDNA 3 Meets Zen 4

With its Radeon RX 7900 Series RDNA 3 (opens in new tab) At the graphics card launch event, AMD announced the AMD Advantage program for gaming desktops. As with high-performance laptops, the AMD Advantage initiative aims to create AMD-based desktops that deliver maximum performance and work seamlessly. AMD showcased his one of the first such systems at the event, the Millennium AMD Advantage Edition of the Origin PC.

The AMD Advantage design framework for laptops is a combination of hardware beyond the company’s range. It allows the CPU and GPU to work together and adjust performance, power and heat levels to deliver the best performance and experience. AMD Advantage notebooks also make extensive use of various neat software tricks supported by Adrenalin Edition drivers to improve performance and overall user experience.

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