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AMD Genoa 96-Core CPU Towers Over Intel Sapphire Rapids 56-Core CPU In 2P System Benchmark

YuuKi_AnS of Twitter is lucky enough to be able to do just that. Testing The latest and greatest workstation and server processors from AMD and Intel. Tech enthusiast and digital he creator put both an AMD EPYC Genoa 2 processor (2P) system and an Intel Xeon Platinum 8480+ Sapphire Rapids 2P system to his Cinebench R23 renders to his benchmarks. The result is a clear win for the AMD Genoa Engineering Sample. However, YuuKi_AnS admits that this sort of shared data is not guaranteed to be accurate and is “for reference only”, so add a little salt to the results before proceeding .

There is something wrong with the way Cinebench uses or reports processor cores. Rendering benchmarks seem to be somehow limited to 125C/256T. This is evident from the system information section of the benchmark app. Windows Task Manager, on the other hand, correctly shows that the AMD ‘Genoa’ machine under test is his 2P system using a pair of his 96C/192T processors working together. Obviously Cinebench R23 should report and use the 192C/384T processing available, but it may not. Might be limited to reading – 125C/256T for now.

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