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AMD: Instinct MI300 APU with Zen 4 and CDNA 3 Up and Running in the Lab

AMD’s chief technology officer, Mark Papermaster, said at the conference that the company’s next-generation Instinct MI300 acceleration processing unit for data center and high-performance computing is already in production in AMD’s labs. said. The APU uses AMD’s Zen 4 and CDNA 3 architectures and in 2024 it will power two El Capitan supercomputers that are expected to break the ExaFLOPS barrier.

“But with what we’ve announced and deployed with our next-generation Instinct, the MI300, which is already back in the lab, it’s a true data center APU.” Said (opens in new tab) Paper Master at Wells Fargo 2022 TMT Summit (via) Seeking Alpha (opens in new tab)). “Leveraging the Infinity architecture to fully coherently share the same memory is the CPU and GPU acceleration, all sharing high-bandwidth memory.”

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