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AMD MI300X Guzzles Power, Rated for 750 Watts

We are still working on the official launch of AMD’s AI Data Center Accelerator MI300X. That’s certainly negligible processing power, and AMD aims to use it as a stick to knock Nvidia out of its position as the dominant player in the world of AI acceleration. However, even though new architectures typically become more power efficient (the same unit of work consumes less energy), performance gains can lead to increased power consumption. And AMD’s OAM-based (OCP accelerator module), MI300X, is indeed a power hog. At 750 W, it’s actually the highest rated TDP in its form factor yet. But don’t worry. OAM solutions are specified to deliver up to 1000 W of power, so there is still room for further performance scaling.

Hidden in plain sight in AMD’s footnote is the MI300X’s power consumption readings. (Image credit: AMD via Videocardz)

750 W is a staggering amount of power consumed by any piece of PC hardware (at least from a personal point of view), but these watts are being driven by much faster and specialized hardware than PC hardware. You have to keep in mind that you are supplying power. The same is true for AMD’s most powerful graphics cards. For that wattage, AMD offers what it claims to be the highest performing accelerator for AI-related workloads (both generative AI and large language models). [LLM] process).

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