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AMD Set to Substantially Increase Microcode Size of Future CPUs

According to a new Linux patch spotted by AMD, AMD’s future microprocessors could more than double the microcode size compared to existing AMD CPUs. phonics. The increase in microcode size could suggest that AMD’s upcoming processors based on the Zen 5 microarchitecture and their successors could support more complex instructions or add new features after release. Or maybe AMD just wants to be able to update the microcode more accurately. thorough method.

The maximum size of a microcode patch for AMD CPUs currently supported by the Linux kernel is 12KB (three times the Linux kernel page size of 4096 bytes). The latest patch released by AMD for future CPUs (probably based on Zen 5 or its successors) could increase the microcode size to 32KB, or 8 times the Linux kernel page size. indicates that there is

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