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AMD Shows Off Original Ryzen 9 5950X3D V-Cache Prototype

in an interview with gamers nexus, AMD’s Amit Mehra and Bill Alverson on the origins of AMD’s 3D-VCache technology and how it ended up in mainstream Ryzen consumer desktop platforms, including the best CPUs for gaming. shared. During a discussion with Gamer Nexus’ Steve Burke, the two showed off AMD’s first prototypes of his Ryzen 3D-VCache parts, including his 12-core and 16-core models with dual CCD 3D-VCache designs. bottom.

AMD’s insight highlights the fact that the company was indeed looking to produce a high core count Ryzen 5000 part with 3D-VCache technology as many enthusiasts have theorized. It also confirms that AMD was not architecturally limited to building only 8-core designs, and had the physical capacity to produce multi-CCD 12-core and 16-core Ryzen 5000X3D chips as needed. increase.

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