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AMD’s Reference RX 7600 Card Doesn’t Fit Some 6+2-Pin Connectors

AMD’s RX 7600 reference design card has a design flaw that may affect some users, specifically preventing it from fully inserting the required 8-pin auxiliary power supply connector. I had no problems with my test system and PSU (card worked on all 3 of his PC’s with 3 different power supplies). tech power upsome 6+2 pin connectors may not fit due to the surrounding shroud.

If you are looking to buy a “Made by AMD” (MBA) Radeon RX 7600 reference card, you should first check if the PSU connector fits. Worst case, you can even buy it. 8 pin extension cable, but they can detract from the beauty of the build. Don’t mess with Chi, dude!

The root cause is a lack of clearance around the 8 pin connector on the card and a small notch on some 6+2 pin connectors that come standard with most power supplies. It’s the cause. The specific issue is that the additional two pin locking bumps can be blocked by the backplate, preventing the full insertion of the power connector.

Unlike NVIDIA and their RTX 4090 connector, we’ve never had a “meltdown” due to the connector not being fully inserted. Probably because AMD’s design flaw in his RX 7600 makes the power connector either fit or not. The user should always check that the power connector is fully inserted, or at least it is easy for him visually to see if the 6+2 connector is properly installed. Either way, unlike the RTX 4090 with its 450W TDP, the 165W GPU doesn’t tax the power delivery subsystem as much.

TechPowerUp! says only 20% of the PCIe power connectors it owns are incompatible with the RX 7600 design, but it’s hard to assess how critical that is is. In addressing this issue, Igor’s lab It states that the NVIDIA PCAT power delivery cable (the tool used to measure power) may not be compatible. (For the record, ours fit just fine.) Native cables from Seasonic power supplies can also be affected.

AMD plans to Sell ​​reference MBA RX 7600 It’s a card, but at the moment it’s stated that it will be released soon. As far as we know, these models have only been sent for review. AMD may revise the backplate design for future manufacturing runs, but the interim fix would be to ship an 8-pin extender with all purchases. If you plan to purchase an RX 7600 card and are affected by the issue, please visit AMD’s support channels or obtain a non-MBA model. The company has not officially commented on the matter at this time.

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