Apple developing its own AI chatbot as an internal tool

Apple is developing artificial intelligence (AI) tools, including chatbots similar to ChatGPT. bloomberg Reported July 19th.

Members of the company are reportedly working on an internal framework for large-scale language models called “Ajax” from 2022. Its development led to the creation of an AI chatbot internally called “Apple GPT”.

Employees use chatbots to summarize texts and prototype products. While this tool has grown in importance internally, it is still used on a small scale. It requires special approval and must not be used to develop customer-facing features. Several teams are said to be working together on the project, and some of the recent efforts have focused on addressing privacy issues that may arise.

internal tools only

bloomberg He pointed out that Apple does not yet have a strategy for bringing AI tools to users. We also observed that his Siri voice assistant, the main AI product the company has unveiled to date, has seen little recent progress.

Nonetheless, the company noted that it has also made progress with AI in other areas, such as advances in photos and search on the iPhone. The company plans to introduce an improved version of AutoCorrect in the near future.

Whether or not Apple publicly introduces its own AI tools, Apple will have to compete with other similar tools such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Microsoft’s Bing AI.

Earlier comments from Apple CEO Tim Cook suggested that the company plans to introduce AI in phases. Cook in May 2023 Said Apple thinks AI is “huge,” but says the company “will continue to weave AI into AI.” [its] We develop our products on a very thoughtful basis. ”

Apple also recently unveiled a VR headset in June, which some believe will lay the foundation for the “Metaverse” and related digital transactions. In October 2022, Apple released updated App Store guidelines that clearly outline its policies regarding cryptocurrency and NFT payments, albeit controversial. Additionally, in April, he discovered that an Apple user had a copy of his Bitcoin white paper embedded within a Mac OS system.

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