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Apple Rumored to Release First M3-Based Macs in October

Apple’s first personal computer based on the next-generation M3 system-on-chip could be announced as early as October this year. bloombergMark Garman, who tends to get accurate information from Apple’s supply chain. If Apple follows its traditional launch pattern, it’s only natural to expect the company to announce cheaper M3-based laptops and desktops first. However, this is speculation at this point.

Apple has an announcement event scheduled for October, and based on past history, Bloomberg claims the company will be unveiling its new Macs there. Given that Apple has just released a number of new Macs based on the M2 Ultra and M2 Max system-on-chips, it’s unlikely the company will update the Mac Studio or even the MacBook Pro with the new SoC. So the company could announce a new MacBook Air 13, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro 13 and even his iMac (which has yet to get the M2 treatment) with the shiny new M3 SoC.

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