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Apple Shows Off Vision Pro XR Headset at WWDC

After years of speculation, Apple is getting into VR and AR in a big way. During its WWDC 2023 developer conference keynote, the company announced Vision Pro, an XR headset that combines both virtual and augmented reality. This will be Apple’s first major hardware category since the launch of the Apple Watch in 2015.

The hardware includes a battery pack that is wired to the headset and slips into your belt or pocket. With your eyes visible on the external display, other people can see when you’re immersed in VR, so people don’t feel isolated. Apple hasn’t announced the specs yet, but we’ll update this article when they do.

Using Apple Vision Pro

Apple’s operating system for AR and VR will be somewhat familiar to iOS and iPadOS users with a home screen complete with app icons and sortable widgets.
Your space has a home view that makes your apps appear to float in your room. Responds to light and casts shadows on the house. You can scale the app and place it anywhere in the space.

The key here is the switch between AR and VR. Apple relies on the combination of the two to ensure that people wearing headsets don’t feel completely cut off from the world. A dial similar to the Apple Watch’s digital crown lets you navigate between AR and VR.

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