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Apple’s Cuts SSD Performance for Entry-level 2023 MacBook Pro, M2 Mac Mini

When Apple unveiled its latest M2 Pro and M2 Max-based MacBook Pros last week, the company boasted improved performance (up to 20% CPU and up to 30% GPU) and improved battery life. Unfortunately, one area of ​​his M2 Pro-based MacBook Pro’s performance seems to be stepping back, at least for the $1,999 base model with a 512GB SSD.

Multiple reports confirm that the SSD in the 2023 14-inch MacBook Pro (M2 Pro, 512GB) is significantly slower than the SSD in the 2021 14-inch MacBook Pro (M1 Pro, 512GB). The first word on performance downgrading is @ZONEofTECH, compared the two systems. The M2 Pro system recorded 2929 MBps write and 2703 MBps read using the AJA System Test Lite benchmark. Its M1 Pro-based predecessor hit 3450 Mbps in write tests and 4081 MBps in read tests.

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