Argo blockchain to suspend trading on NASDAQ for 24 hours

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Bitcoin mining company Argo Blockchain Hanging Trading of US stocks on NASDAQ is effective from December 27th.

The troubled mining company said on Dec. 27: Press release, The move to halt trading in the stock is related to an announcement scheduled for Dec. 28, the company said.

As a result, Argo has asked the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to suspend trading of ADD and unsecured bonds on the NASDAQ for approximately 24 hours as the London Stock Exchange market closes on December 27. I requested.

Following the announcement, Argo’s common stock is expected to resume trading on December 28, 2022.

Meanwhile, on December 10, the FCA halted trading of Argo’s ARB shares. This is due to reports that the mining company is considering filing for bankruptcy.

Approximately 48 hours later, Argo called for its shares to resume trading on the London Stock Exchange.

Argo has not yet filed for bankruptcy, but said it risks not having enough cash to keep the business running for the next month.

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