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ASRock Brings 56-Core Xeon W3400 to Deep MicroATX

ASRock Rack has unveiled the industry’s first motherboard for Intel’s latest Xeon W-2400 and W-3400 processors with up to 56 cores in a deep MicroATX form factor.Platform — Discovered by @momomo_us — Can be used to build extremely powerful compact workstations and servers with up to 56 high-performance cores and a powerful 8-channel memory subsystem.

ASRock Rack W790D8UD-1L1N2T/BCM is fully compatible with Intel Xeon W-2400 and W-3400 series CPUs with core count from 6 up to 56. This platform supports DDR5-4800 modules up to 2 TB. With eight slots, it can take advantage of Intel’s Sapphire Rapids-WS memory subsystem with a peak bandwidth of 307.2 GB/s. This motherboard leverages comprehensive I/O capabilities provided by Intel’s latest Xeon W CPUs, including 112 PCIe Gen5 lanes on W-3400 and 64 PCIe Gen5 lanes on W-2400. increase.

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