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ASRock’s First White Motherboard Is For Zen 3 And Older CPUs

AMD has announced its Zen 4 lineup, offering some of the best CPUs on the market. This does not mean that motherboard vendors have eliminated older processors. ASRock launches the company’s first all-white motherboard for pre-Zen 3 chips as his B550M Pro SE.

The B550M Pro SE isn’t ASRock’s first white motherboard. The company has signature models in the Aqua, Taichikarara and Steel Legend series. However, while these are typically black motherboards with white exteriors, his upcoming B550M Pro SE is a true white motherboard from PCB to top. Interestingly, ASRock would like to launch the brand’s first white motherboards with older chipsets instead of newer AMD 600 series chipsets. If I had to make an educated guess, ASRock would probably update his one of his existing B550 his motherboards along the lines of the B550M Pro4 or something, giving it a new white theme. Only

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