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Assassin’s Creed Haptic Shirt Wants You to Feel Every…Stab?

Ubisoft and OWO may not want you to bleed, but they certainly want you to feel the same punches and stings they endure for their next hero.that the company Limited Mirage Edition of OWO’s Haptic Feedback Shirt, is a piece of wearable technology that contracts parts of the torso to convey the sensation of impact, cutting, and compression force. signature line? Better make sure you are a good caretaker for the in-game character Basim. Otherwise, you’ll realize how good (or bad) you are.

The Haptic Feedback Mirage Shirt is part of a limited edition of 100 units and is built on OWO’s own premium haptic product, the Founder Limited Edition. The product includes 10 haptic positions (where the suit can compress and decompress to simulate contact), 100 ohm highly conductive electrodes, Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, and a rechargeable USB Type-C with 8 hours of use. A battery is included. Depending on your settings, no one wants to be in a painful walking machine while the battery dies. So perhaps OWO could have shed some weight or derive additional restraint from the suit’s battery.

But the Mirage Edition is a limited edition, so it adds extra features. According to OWO’s page, the device will come bundled with an Assassin’s Creed-style Lycra shirt (a material that’s especially useful for breaking the sweat that comes with playing contact games). ); 20 gel pads. A storage pouch and, of course, the actual “Beat Me” simulator itself and digital copies of OWO Devices and Assassin’s Creed Mirage, the worlds to be beaten.

Fortunately, users can customize their individual experience, feedback intensity (and pain threshold) through OWO devices and mobile apps. This allows the user to make her 50mm bullet feel like the lightest hand-strike in the world. OWO’s sensory library (the range of contact the vest can simulate) includes a variety of experiences ranging from wind, stress, and free fall to knife wounds, severe abdominal injuries, and gunshot wounds, including exit wounds. I have…

It couldn’t have been easier for a model to say, “Wow, that Iranian saber stabbing feeling” and “This is a great product to buy” in the same shot. Oh yes. (Image credit: OWO/Ubisoft)


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