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Ayaneo Air 1S Ultra Claimed to Be Thinnest and Lightest AMD Phoenix Handheld Yet

Handheld gaming PC specialist Ayaneo has launched what is likely to be some of the thinnest and lightest AMD Phoenix handhelds Ayaneo Air 1S Packed with some impressive and compelling sonic specs, it’s only 21.6 mm (0.9 inches) thick and weighs just 450 g (0.99 lbs). Additionally, the headlining Ayaneo Air 1S Ultra is a limited edition, even thinner and lighter at 18mm (0.7 inches) thick and 405g (0.89 pounds). Sure, those specs sound very portable, perhaps even pocketable, but the screen he said will be less than a smartphone in 2023, at just 5.5 inches.

(Image provided by Ayaneo)

Ayaneo has launched a new Air 1S model via Indiegogo and has also shared a product page and a pre-order page so there’s plenty of specs to ponder over as well as pricing, with pre-orders starting July 11th. I understand this.

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