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Ayaneo’s New Handheld Has Bigger Screen and Battery Than Steam Deck

CEO of Ayaneo completed be live stream A session about upcoming handheld gaming PCs with 8.4-inch screens.called Ayane-kun, behind the device’s 2.5K screen, we find an AMD Ryzen 7 7840U “Phoenix” processor (no surprise). Another of the Kun’s other compelling specs, perhaps thanks to the larger form factor, is his 75 Wh (19,500 mAh) battery inside. However, those specs and boundary-pushing portable size don’t come cheap, and Ayaneo boasts that the Kun is a “high-end masterpiece.”

At the time of this writing, Ayaneo Kun is in pre-launch and pre-Indiegogo campaign stages, and we don’t have full specs for the device. However, enough specs and features have already been shared to make this device very interesting.

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Main Features of Ayaneokun Handheld


8.4-inch diagonal IPS screen with 2.5K pixels


AMD Ryzen 7 7840U ‘Phoenix’ With 8C/16T Zen 4 CPU Cores And Integrated Radeon 780M RDNA 3 GPU


75Wh (19,500mAh) battery


Dual intelligent touchpads, 4 back buttons, 8-way D-pad, hall sensing joysticks, hall triggers



Other features

Built-in kickstand, facial recognition, Windows Hello, stereo speakers, AyaSpace 2 UI


white silk, black feathers, silver wings

(Image provided by Ayaneo)

In pre-launch material, Ayaneo spends a good deal of time highlighting Kun’s controls, emphasizing the versatility and quality of the game’s control array. Being one of his largest handhelds, even an adult hand can comfortably hold it (despite its possibly extra weight).

Perhaps the best thing about offering a larger handheld is the ability to add a stronger battery and a better cooling system. These may be the weakest points of existing/rival handhelds, so it’s good that Ayaneo has seized the opportunity to improve on these areas.

(Image provided by Ayaneo)

Considering battery life first, the new 75 Wh cell is impressive. Remember, that’s nearly double Valve’s Steam Deck battery, approaching the limit of 99 Wh for laptops allowed on planes. Sadly, while Ayaneo boasts about its battery, it remains tight-lipped about how long games will run on this device.

(Image provided by Ayaneo)

A recent headline about the Asus ROG Ally focused on a cooling system issue that caused MicroSD cards to burn. With such bad publicity, device developers’ attention should focus on proper cooling of the overall system, and Ayaneo’s Kun hopes that excess chassis capacity can be utilized for larger and better cooling components. The company says that the Kun “probably has the strongest heat dissipation of any Windows handheld ever.” Additionally, the cooling system he found uses a large main fan paired with three copper heat pipes.

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