Bankrupt crypto lender Voyager set to auction off its assets on Sept. 13

Bankrupt crypto lender Voyager plans to liquidate all assets through an auction scheduled for Sept. 13.

Voyager announced on Sept. 7 that it had received a double bid from parties interested in buying the company’s assets.

The auction is scheduled to take place on September 13, 2022 at the New York offices of Moelis & Company, Voyager’s investment bank.

A bankruptcy court will review the results of the auction and is expected to approve the results on September 29th. The approval date may be further adjusted if the court deems it necessary.

potential bidders

Voyager Filed August 4 claimed that approximately 88 parties were interested in purchasing its assets, 22 of which were in active discussions with the company.

Not much is known about the people involved, as many of them signed non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with Voyager.

However, major exchanges FTX and Binance are said to be actively moving through the auction process.

Voyager applauded FTX’s offer, describing it as an easy bid. In the filing, Voyager said several proposals on the table were “higher and better than AlamadeFTX’s.”

As a result, the struggling cryptocurrency lender has written to AlamedaFTX asking it to withdraw its allegations of inaccurate offers.

Customer billing process

In its announcement of the auction, Voyager added that customers will reclaim their assets once the auction process is complete.

The company kept in touch with its customers August 24th It details the guidelines to follow in order to be able to recover your crypto assets.

All customers were required to verify Voyager’s record of debt assets by October 3, 2022. Disputed customers must submit proof of claim prior to the bar date in order to resolve it.

Once the winning bidder is announced, the customer will receive details regarding the claim process.

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