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Blacklisted YMTC May Soon Be Forced to Abandon 3D NAND

Yangtze Memory Technologies Corp (YMTC) will not be able to manufacture competitive 3D NAND memory in a few years. It has been placed According to the U.S. Department of Commerce Entity List, trend forceAfter the sanctions, the company will find it difficult to source products such as wafer fab equipment (WFE) from US-based companies, hampering Bit’s growth. On the other hand, partners outside China may stop cooperating with the YMTC.

Blacklisting allows the US DoC to screen all individual transactions of wafer fabrication equipment, software, technology, support services, and other US-origin commodities to Chinese 3D NAND manufacturers. The whole procurement process is difficult and lengthy for the YMTC, as such export license applications are reviewed on the basis of denial.

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