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BOE Demos 600 Hz Gaming Laptop Display

BOE demoed the industry’s fastest display panel this week with a 600Hz refresh rate that far exceeds the best gaming monitors. This panel is designed for laptops aimed at hardcore gamers who demand the absolute best performance, including ridiculously high refresh rates. On the other hand, this demonstration raises more questions than it answers, as it is unclear how BOE made such a panel work, and the end-user benefit is unknown.

BOE is reported to have showcased the industry’s first 600 Hz refresh rate 16-inch LCD panel using oxide backplane technology this week at the World Conference on the Display Industry in Chengdu, China. IT home (opens in new tab) name the company press release (opens in new tab)Display panel demonstrations were performed using AMD Ryzen and Nvidia GeForce RTX logotype powered laptops (more on that below). Initially, however, the panels were attached to the chassis with tape. A 600 Hz refresh rate might just be what the best graphics cards need to reach their true potential in games like Cross-fire, CS: goAlso PUBGBut it’s not that easy, so let’s analyze what this 600 Hz LCD panel is all about.

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