BroadwayCon Panelists Tackle Diversity and Representation Onstage

Spotlighting women and non-binary musical theater writers,” Friday, 10am

A panel of playwrights, composers and actors of color will discuss how they bring to Broadway productions that express perspectives beyond white American culture. Among them is Jordan E. Cooper, who recently wrote and starred in the scathing Broadway race comedy Ain’t No Mo, which was nominated for two Tony Awards.Helen Park Asia’s first female composer On Broadway, he was nominated for a Tony Award for “KPOP.” Christopher Diaz’s new musical Hell’s Kitchen, written with singer Alicia Keys, is set to open at the Public Theater in November.

What is the future of Broadway?A dream session by the world’s majority playwrights and musical theater writers,” Friday, 11:15am

A committee of directors, writers and producers will revive musicals like “Miss Saigon,” “South Pacific,” and “The King and I,” with troubling structural and/or political elements. Discuss how to make Participants include Artistic Director Leah Dubesone. Encore!the long-running popular New York City Center series of short runs of decades-old musicals, and Cher Williams directing an upcoming Broadway revival. “With”

Don’t Fly Today: Techniques for Reviewing Revival Works,” Friday, 3:45 p.m.

Performers with disabilities have become a common sight on the Broadway stage in recent years, appearing in productions such as ‘Cost of Living’, ‘Doll’s House’ and ‘Grey House’. For Katie Sullivan, who was recently nominated for a Tony Award for playing feisty wheelchair user Annie in “Cost of Living,” it’s not just the presence of disabled actors in recent films that’s reassuring. It’s not about what kind of role they play. thrown in.

“I would love to see a world where more performers with disabilities are used in characters who are not necessarily portrayed as disabled,” Sullivan said. The panel also includes “Cost of Living” co-star Greg Mosgara. Madison Ferris became the first wheelchair user to play a leading role on Broadway, co-starring Sally Field in the 2017 revival of The Glass Menagerie. And David Connolly became the first Broadway amputee in the 1989 revival of the Civil War musical Shenandoah.

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