Canadian Crypto King’s assets confiscated as investors try to recoup millions entrusted to him


The 23-year-old self-proclaimed “crypto tycoon” from Ontario has filed for $200 as investors scramble to recover millions of dollars allegedly paid to him and his company, reports Sept. 20. Thousands of dollars in property was confiscated. CBC report.

Creditors are working hard to investigate where at least $35 million in funds entrusted to ‘crypto tycoon’ Aiden Pretelsky and his company AP Private Equity Limited went .

Assets confiscated from Pleterski include 2 McLarens, 2 BMWs and 1 Lamborghini.

Civil action against Pretersky

Bankruptcy trustee reports, minutes of creditors meetings, court filings, and complaints filed with Groot’s company show that Pretersky lived in luxury before the lawsuit. The “Crypto King” of paid propaganda owns 11 cars, and he leases four other luxury cars, hops aboard his private jet, and spends $45,000 a month on a lakefront mansion in Ontario. I invested my rent.

The report also notes that when asked about other potential assets, particularly whether he ever owned a watch, he said at the creditors meeting that he had “a $600,000 worth of “I’ve never owned a watch,” he said.

There is now a $13 million bankruptcy proceeding against Pleterski, and the approximately 140 investors who collectively turned over the $20 million fund have filed for information from a fraud collection firm investigating the case. responded to the call.

Another lawsuit filed by an investor who claims he lost $4.5 million to Pleterski effectively frozen Pleterski’s bank accounts and assets worldwide. The lawsuit now precedes bankruptcy proceedings, which represents an investor recovery process at this time before follow-up investor-led civil claims against him Pleterski.

In Pretersky’s Defense

Pleterski’s attorney, Michael Simaan, wrote an email to CBC Toronto in which Pleterski denied many of the “highly exaggerated” financial claims against him.

According to his lawyer, Pleterski has never asked for money since investors approached him after seeing him successfully trading cryptocurrencies.

At the creditors meeting, Pleterski also claimed that he lost most of his investors’ money in late 2021 and early 2022 in several margin calls and failed deals, although Pleterski said he could not find bank statements or transactions. We have not provided any evidence in the form of a transaction. Claim.

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