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China Bans Exports of Loongson CPUs to Russia, Other Countries: Report

The Chinese government has reportedly banned the export of Loongson CPUs based on the LoongArch microarchitecture to Russia and other countries. For some Russian companies, Loongson chips were a potential replacement for x86 processors from AMD and Intel. These he two company partners stopped shipping these CPUs to Russia via other countries.

No Loongson for non-Chinese buyers?

A source close to Russia’s Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media and a source familiar with the local high-tech industry said. Kommersant Business Daily reports that the Chinese government has banned the export of Loongson processors with the LoongArch microarchitecture to other countries. This won’t have an immediate impact on the local market, but it could leave Russia with no alternatives to processors from AMD and Intel.

“The Russian company does not rely heavily on the supply of Chinese processors, but wanted to switch to Loongson solutions in case ‘parallel imports’ were blocked,” the sources said. explained to “the best [Loongson CPUs] It is used by the Chinese military-industrial complex and this is the main reason why it is not available in foreign markets. ”

Kommersant acknowledges that the Chinese government and Loongson have yet to officially restrict the export of LoongArch-based CPUs. It’s still possible to get Loongson LS3A5000 based systems and motherboards from AliExpress today, but these parts are pretty expensive. Given that Loongson CPUs are significantly underperforming compared to AMD and Intel processors, it’s hard to imagine these offerings gaining momentum anywhere outside of China.

LoongArch for China

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