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China Breaks Record for Quantum Memory Entanglement Distance

Quantum computing has made technological advances that allow for general adoption, so many ancillary research areas need to be explored before it can be used in the real world.Chinese researcher Succeeded in entangling two quantum memories (Devices that can store information about quantum states for later retrieval) Crossing the greatest distance ever recorded – 12.5 Km. This step brings the concept of the quantum internet closer to reality. This is what enables distributed communication between quantum computers.

working with University of Science and Technology of China Jinan Institute of Quantum Technology (opens in new tab), researchers have shown that entangled quantum memories can maintain coherence even when there is an urban environment between them. This is because it was a known component of entanglement, a process in which two quantum units (such as qubits and quantum memories) are related to each other and whose state, or content, cannot be independently described.

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