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China-Made Moore Thread GPU Can’t Match RTX 3060

a Reviews posted on EXPreview presents for the first time the MTT S80 graphics card, a new mid-range gaming competitor from Chinese GPU maker Moore Thread. This GPU is one of Moore Thread’s most powerful graphics cards to date, with a triple-fan cooler setup that theoretically makes him compete with Nvidia’s RTX 3060 and RTX 3060 Ti.

For starters, Moore Thread is a Chinese GPU maker that was founded just two years ago in 2020. The company reportedly leverages some of the most experienced talent in his GPU industry, hiring experts and engineers from Nvidia, Microsoft, Intel and Arm. others. Moore Thread’s aim is to create a homegrown (for China) GPU solution that is completely independent from the West. They are envisioned to be capable of 3D graphics, AI training, inference computing, and high-performance parallel computing capabilities, and will be used in China’s consumer and government sectors.

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