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China’s ByteDance Has Gobbled Up $1 Billion of Nvidia GPUs for AI This Year

Chinese tech giants ByteDance (TikTok), Tencent, Baidu and Alibaba have all failed to take full advantage of Nvidia’s high-performance computing (HPC) offerings. The news comes from Chinese media, where only ByteDance, the creator of TikTok, reports that the entire Chinese market has already caught up with the amount ordered by NVIDIA in 2022 (on a pure dollar basis).

Chinese publications Jitway ByteDance has revealed that it has already placed orders for Nvidia GPUs worth about $1 billion in 2023 so far. That equates to about 100,000 units split between Nvidia’s A100s, which were ordered before the US government told Nvidia to stop selling its highest performing HPC cards to China. August 2022) and the H800 card – the last series number corresponding to the hopper-based custom accelerator he built by Nvidia to comply with export regulations – a weakened cameo of the H100 accelerator. Nerfed or not, Nvidia’s Average Selling Price (ASP) appears to stay around $10,000 per accelerator.

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