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Corsair RMx Shift PSUs Adopt Side-Mounted Modular Connectors

There are signs that Corsair is preparing a rather radical new PC power supply unit (PSU) design.Veteran Twitter leaker momomos We’ve shared some images and sketched out some specs for the so-called Corsair RMx Shift series of PSUs. A clue to the key changes implemented in this product line is right in the middle of the product name. Modular microfit cable connectors are deviated Install on one side of the PSU, not directly across the back of the PC.

The new Shift series is expected to be based on existing Corsair RM series components and will be a welcome choice for PC enthusiasts and DIY enthusiasts struggling with limited or clunky case layouts. . In many cases, the traditional placement of connectors on the PSU can lead to unsightly and unpleasant bends, or cable bundles. However, in some cases, placing the modular connector on the side of his PSU greatly reduces such issues. Additionally, making this choice makes system building planning even more important for the most tidy internal case layout and cable management.

(Image credit: Corsair / Momomo_us)

The Corsair RMx Shift PSU can be positioned with all modular cable connectors facing the right case panel for typical tower installations. This is usually a hidden area on the back of the motherboard and a common place to hide unsightly cables. However, there’s usually not much room between the motherboard and the right panel of the tower case, so we’d expect the Shift PSU to come bundled with Type 5 Gen 1 Microfit modular cables, which Corsair recently introduced with a right-angled construction. increase. .

Momomo_us also revealed some technical details of the Corsair RMx Shift series. He claims there are three models of his for systems requiring 850, 1000 or 1250 watts of power. Whichever you choose, the PSU he features a 140mm fluid dynamic bearing fan, ATX 3.0 certification, and 80 Plus Gold efficiency certification.

Corsair RMx Shift PSUs

(Image credit: Corsair / Momomo_us)

You might be surprised to find that these powerful modern PSUs don’t have a dedicated 12VHPWR connector port for 1:1 cabling to Nvidia’s latest generation graphics cards. All of these GPUs come bundled with the correct multi-8 pin converters, so this isn’t a big deal, but the cables supplied by your graphics card vendor probably don’t have right-angle 8-pin connectors.

An ongoing theme is that the Shift PSU style is great for some cases/builds, but not all. A lot depends on the type of case you own, the placement of his PSU within the design, and the gap between the motherboard tray and the right side panel. So plan very carefully when purchasing components. If you see the benefits of using side connectors, at least it looks like Corsair has a more optimal layout ready.

(Image credit: Corsair / Momomo_us)

Will Corsair’s Shift PSU help with APE?

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