Craig Wright vs Hodlonaut trial could go to second round

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Cryptocurrency influencer Hodlonaut Has been updated Regarding the legal squabble with Craig Wright, the community said Wright has appealed his loss and asked for a new trial.

hodlow notebook Said They responded by trying to reason with the authorities as to why Wright’s appeal should not be heard.

“Craig sued in Norway against the lawsuit. We responded with our reasons why it should not be heard. I am waiting for

The outcome of Hodlonaut’s successful Norwegian trial will be considered at another hearing in London, where the legal dispute first began. If the court rules in Wright’s favor, a second trial will be added to the London hearing.


After a trial date was set in Norway, Hodronout launched a campaign for community financial support.

Hodlonaut said it could not afford the legal costs and did not want to give Wright an easy victory. he said:

Litigation in the UK is very expensive. My opponent’s last hope is that I cannot proceed and win by default.

The community rallied and showed their support for Hodlonaut. This totaled about $1.3 million at the current Bitcoin (BTC) price (he is $17,821 at the time of writing).

Hodlonaut said in an update released on December 14 that British lawyers had been paid £11,400 for the London hearings, with total costs for the Norwegian and London courts estimated at around $2 million. said.

Hodlonaut said that while he appears to be $700,000 short, all collected funds he doesn’t use remain untouched and can be used for “the future defense of Bitcoin and Bitcoiners.”

Trial overview

The dispute began in 2019 between Magnus Granath, better known as Hodlonaut, and Craig Steven Wright.

Wright has claimed that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious founder of BTC. has been denied.

However, Wright concluded that Hodronaut’s dismissal of his claim was particularly detrimental to Wright’s reputation in Britain. asked the court to assess the damages incurred. However, the UK High Court ruled that Norway had jurisdiction over the matter and dismissed the case in January 2020.

The trial began in Norway on September 12th, 2022 and ended with Hodlonaut’s victory on September 20th.

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