Cream Finance exploiter moves nearly $500k

Security firm CertiK has announced that the abusers behind past attacks on Cream Finance transferred nearly half a million funds. June 26th.

Exploiters Moved $496,000 ETH

CertiK reports that the abuser sent approximately 268 ETH ($496,000) to another Ethereum address. The move took place on June 26th at 5:33pm UTC.

The funds transacted represent only a fraction of the total balance of the abusing addresses. According to CertiK, the compromised address still holds 2,700 ETH ($5.1 million) and more than $6 million in other Ethereum-based tokens.

EtherScan records show that the sending address was “Cream Finance Flash Loan Exploiter 3”, which received the funds after the DeFi platform was hacked in October 2021. At the time, the exploiter managed to steal $130 million in cryptocurrency.

While the sending address is explicitly linked to the exploit, neither Etherscan nor CertiK label the receiving address as belonging to the exploit. Nevertheless, the receiving address has received other deposits from Cream Finance.

It is unclear if the attackers are withdrawing cash

It is also unclear whether this transaction represents an attempt to cash the funds through an exchange, as the receiving address has not made any transactions since receiving the funds.

Abusers have also moved funds elsewhere, most notably in January 2023, when they transferred $3.3 million in a matter of weeks. The reporter moved these funds through a centralized cryptocurrency exchange.


The movement of about $500,000 by Cream Finance abusers first appeared on CryptoSlate.

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