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Cytron CM4 Maker Board Review: Versatility in PCB Form

Malaysia-based Cytron has a history of creating fun Maker boards.from maker hat, Maker Pipikoand focused on robotics Manufacturer Pi RP2040 It’s clear that Cytron caters to the manufacturer market. For the latest board, his $56 CM4 Maker Board, we see a shift in focus from the mainstream. Raspberry PMe and raspberry pi pico,fart raspberry pi compute module 4.

The CM4 Maker Board is a Swiss Army knife. It provides all the connections you need to connect HATs, sensors, and high-speed NVMe SSDs in a 110 x 110 mm package. But does this versatility detract from its functionality? To understand this and learn more about the board, I put it on a new test bench and started testing.

CM4 Maker Board Specifications

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socket Compute module 4
GPIOs Full 40-pin Raspberry Pi compatible GPIO
5 x Maker Ports (Grove Connectors)
1 x Stemma QT (Qwiic / QW/ST compatible)
3 x pushbutton inputs
Piezo Buzzer (GPIO 19)
Headphone audio output (GPIO18 and 19)
real time clock
port USB2×4
gigabit ethernet
HDMI (4K60)
USB C (Power and OS to flash eMMC)
1 x camera (CSI) connector
1 x Display (DSI) connector
depository Micro SD slot for CM4 Lite
M.2 NVMe for 2230 and 2242 drives
Power 5V over USB-C
7-18V via DC Jack
Onboard power switch and breakout for external power button
size 110×110×17.3mm

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