Ed Sheeran Is Vindicated, But Other Copyright Battles Rage On

A jury earlier this month found that Ed Sheeran did not copy parts of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” for his song “Thinking Out Loud.” This is the conclusion of a lawsuit that has been going on for several years and is the latest ruling. This is a test of how much freedom the legal system gives songwriters to assemble new songs using the same building blocks as previous ones.

Sheeran has been the subject of similar lawsuits before, and the success of this lawsuit may be a deterrent to future lawsuits. Or maybe not. Popular songwriters and pop stars are often attractive targets for these types of lawsuits, giving potential plaintiffs at least a small chance of winning huge rewards, whether they deserve it or not. increase.

In this week’s Popcast, we’re able to go into more detail about the Sheeran trial, how this case is different from other recent copyright battles, and how the current law explains how most of today’s pop music is made. A conversation takes place about whether or not.

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