Ethereum experienced a 2nd finalization delay but has since recovered

Ethereum experienced a second finalization delay on May 12, according to developers.

Written by Terence.eth (@terencechain) twitter:

“Mainnet is not complete again. Prysm will release a patch today. Stay tuned for updates!”

Subsequent comments from Terence.eth indicate that those transactions have since been completed and other clients have also released patches. However, he said that Ethereum was “not out of the woods,” suggesting that the problem was not fully resolved.

This represents the second finality delay in 24 hours. Ethereum also failed to complete a transaction for 25 minutes on May 11 for reasons unknown at the time.

The cause of this issue has been partially identified. Terrence.eth said An Ethereum node running a Prysm client was caught in a “death spiral” as it received faulty authentication that increased the CPU and memory usage of the client. He said most clients, with the exception of Lighthouse clients, tend to run into similar issues.

Terence.eth also said that Prysm nodes found a “subtle bug” that occurs when a client is stuck in a “death spiral”. This doesn’t seem to be the root cause of the problem.

Commenting on yesterday’s delay, Superphiz said: said He expects a third incident to occur. He urged node operators to upgrade their hardware and switch to minority clients.

Neither incident involved a complete shutdown of Ethereum. The blockchain continued to partially process the transaction and then successfully completed it.

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