Exploring the future of real world asset tokenization with HiFi Finance and Crown Ribbon – SlateCast #42

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In this episode of Slatecast, hosts Akiba and HiFi Finance’s Doug discuss the potential impact of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) on tangible, real-world assets, specifically through tokenization. HiFi Finance is a decentralized lending and borrowing protocol for fixed rate loans. The partnership with Crown Ribbon aims to bring the horse syndicate to the blockchain and provide its own SEC-compliant security that pays dividends to token holders.

Crown Ribbon provides legal guidance, provides assistance in filing for waivers with the SEC, acts as a custodian of horse ownership documents, and handles digital asset issuance and audits. . The goal is to provide liquidity to syndicate owners and disrupt the performance horse industry. Doug points out that the horse racing syndicate may not be the most technically savvy, but could make the user experience more accessible through widgets and her ACH payments.

Tokenizing real-world assets will allow more viewers to invest in experiences such as horse ownership to gain financial exposure, and will also serve as a syndicate growth tool. Additionally, this process can be replicated for other assets such as high-end art and collectibles, providing a way for owners to hedge risk and tokenize between parties. HiFi Dow is responsible for making governance decisions such as listing assets and loan terms, allocating resources, and significantly upgrading the token economy.

The Crown Ribbon service is scheduled to launch in Q3 2023, and HiFi Finance will be deployed on the Ethereum mainnet in early January.Interested people please follow Crown Ribbon Headquarters Stay up to date and join us on Twitter hifi discord for more detailed discussion.

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