Fox News host credits Bitcoin pump to ransomware hackers

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fox news host Tucker Carlson We theorized that the recent bullish market move was due to the US government buying Bitcoin to pay ransomware attackers.

Specifically, Carlson linked the recent grounding of flights by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to cyberattacks, hypothesizing that “nearly all such ransoms are paid in Bitcoin.”

January 11th, Federal Aviation Administration A “computer outage” has halted national departures and delayed thousands of flights. According to the Transportation Agency, this was due to a technical issue with the Air Mission Notification System (NOTAM), which provides pilots with airspace data such as details of abnormal conditions. The agency said:

“Our preliminary investigation traced the outage to database file corruption. At this time, there is no evidence of a cyberattack.”

In support of his theory, the Fox News host said the FAA notice occurred around the time BTC began pumping.In addition, similar “outages” occurred in Canada and the Philippines .

bitcoin pump

Nearly three weeks into the new year, major cryptocurrencies recorded a price increase of 29%. The pump becomes even more alarming as broader macro uncertainty takes over.

The chart below shows a moderate upward trend since January 1st. However, on the day the US flight was canceled, BTC posted a massive 4% gain to end the day at $17,930.

Over the next few days, Bitcoin rose, regaining $20,000 on January 14th before settling at pre-FTX price levels.

bitcoin daily chart
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Bitcoin is up 22% in value since the FAA’s notification, and the move has fueled sentiment. Some see this as a bull market signal.

Carlson asks a question

Digging up the flight ground, carlson said the last time this happened was in response to the 9/11 attacks in 2001, adding that it was a “big deal.”

Moreover, the immediate aftermath of the grounding has left officials confused, with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg saying on television that the cause of the grounding is unknown.

A few hours later, “some kind of story emerged” that the NOTAM system was responsible. Carlson described this as an unconvincing explanation.

“Our system shut down for no real reason. Is that what you’re telling us? Yes, Pete Buttjegg explained with a straight face.”

Carlson also said the same problem occurred in Canada the next day. He said both countries operate their own independent software to route flights, adding: “How likely is that?”

statement from Canadian official Regarding the issue, he said that “the Canadian NOTAM entry system has stopped” and that it was unrelated to the previous US NOTAM failure.

Digging deeper, the Fox News host pointed out that the Philippines was also hit with flight grounds on New Year’s Day, causing thousands of flights to be rerouted.

“Is it possible that someone has hacked into the aviation system and is holding various governments around the world hostage until they pay the ransom?”

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