Fox News Tells Tucker Carlson to Stop Posting Videos on Twitter

Fox News has called on Tucker Carlson to stop posting videos on Twitter, sparking a public outcry between the station and the former star host since his primetime show was canceled in late April. Controversy has intensified over how and whether to continue to speak on the forum.

In a letter sent to Mr. Carlson by Fox’s lawyers, the station accused him of violating terms of his contract that limited his ability to appear on media outside of Fox until early 2025. The letter says “private” in all caps.

Since Mr. Carlson was banned from Fox News, he has produced a stripped-down version of Fox’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and started posting it directly to Twitter. The new show, called “Tucker on Twitter,” will feature some of the hallmarks of Fox’s primetime programming, including monologues focused on current affairs and cultural issues.

Carlson’s attorney, Hermit K. Dillon, said in a statement that Fox News’ legal threats are not in the interests of its viewers.

“Fox is now calling on Tucker Carlson to remain silent until after the 2024 election, reinforcing one of the most disastrous programming decisions in the history of the cable news industry,” the statement said. is written. “Tucker doesn’t let anyone shut up.”

Axios previously reported Fox has sent Mr. Carlson a cease and desist letter, he said.

A Fox News spokeswoman said the station had no comment.

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