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GeForce RTX 4090 Has a Spirit Level To Prevent GPU Sagging

China’s Nvidia graphics card partner has created a unique selling point for one of the best graphics cards, the custom GeForce RTX 4090. From 51RISC, a model with a level function built into the top bar has appeared. The two green fluid-filled capsules next to his backlit GeForce RTX logo don’t look too out of place because the style is like his two liquid cooling reservoir tubes , of course, on closer inspection, nothing. It has something to do with liquid cooling.

Beyond mental-level appeal, the 51RISC’s design is pleasing enough, mixing Harley Earl and Colonial Marine design flair. However, you can complain that graphics cards that “care” about being horizontal don’t come with brackets or supports in the box. And what if you live in a house or room with uneven floors, or a tilted desk? It may remind you

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