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Generative Design and 3D Metal Printing Enhance CPU Cooling Performance

The PC cooling design seems to have been fixed for years, with only minor tweaks to the same tried and tested design. So, for example, a 10-year-old heatsink design may be indistinguishable from a new one. But a Belgian thermal engineering software company called Diabatix wants to change the status quo and has recently found a synergistic partner, Amnovis, a manufacturer specializing in copper 3D printing. Some of the early results of this partnership were recently webinar, and they are good. The jointly designed and manufactured new heatsink is claimed to deliver “22% better CPU cooling.”

(Image credit: Diabatix)

Diabatix’s flagship software products are: cold streamA cloud-native platform that supports the entire cooling design process, from thermal analysis to thermal design. ColdStream predicts temperatures from electronic product profiles and automatically suggests the correct size and shape for standard heatsinks. ColdStream goes a step further, using the science of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), the application of AI, and our knowledge of over 250 thermal materials to generate the optimal custom heatsink.of generative design They typically have an organic appearance, unlike traditional heatsinks, which are characterized by a regular, symmetrical arrangement of fins and pins.

(Image credit: Diabatix)

Having these optimized designs is all fine, but what about manufacturing? Most people recognize that 3D printing is a great asset for short-run production popular with specialty designs. For thermal conductivity, copper is the best choice when weighing price and cooling performance. amnobis We recognize this strength and have already established ourselves in the copper 3D printing business. We are currently adding Diabatix ColdStream designs to our portfolio.

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