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Get Off My Desktop! Windows Must Stop Showing Tabloid News

Did you know that pigs eat people (opens in new tab) “Much more often than people expected?” If not, you must have heard the important breaking news that a priest “died” in 2016. went to hell (opens in new tab) The devil is back to let the rest know that he likes playing Liana’s Umbrella song over and over again. If you haven’t noticed these important news articles, chances are you haven’t spent enough time using the Windows search box and widgets section.

Article courtesy of Microsoft’s MSN Content Network. This network delivers content from hundreds of his web publishers. Some have a good reputation and some don’t. Full Disclosure: Our parent company, Future Plc, has syndicated deals with MSN, and many sites, including Tom’s Hardware, occasionally publish articles on their networks. The problem here, however, is not that MSN syndicates content, but that it often pushes the equivalent of the Weekly World News table of contents to the Windows operating system, which is difficult to avoid.

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