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Get This $129 Monitor From Dell, Ideal For 1080p Gaming: Real Deals

The latest RTX 4060 / 4060 Ti GPUs are focused on 1080p gaming on very high or ultra settings. Of course, the card can easily run higher resolutions, but if you want to play games in FHD resolution, you can save a few bucks by using a 1080p monitor rather than paying more for a QHD or higher resolution monitor. The lower resolution also makes it easier for the graphics card to sustain high framerates in games, making for a smoother experience, especially in his FPS titles such as: Valorant again CS:GO.

A great choice for budget 1080p gaming setups. Dell G2723HN at just $129 For 27″ IPS monitors with fast 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. You can always consider using this as a second or third screen if you think a higher resolution monitor would be best for your main screen.

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