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Gigabyte B760 Aorus Elite AX Review

The Gigabyte B760 Aorus Elite AX on our testbench comes from the budget side of Intel’s motherboard truck. Priced at $179.99 on Newegg, it is well priced overall and among its peers. At this price, you get a full-featured device with DDR5 support, 3 M.2 sockets and 4 SATA ports, integrated Wi-Fi 6E, and the familiar Aorus black and gray look to match most build themes. enter. This is an affordable yet high performance (for most of our testing) motherboards.

Gigabyte has a staggering 48 total SKUs on the B760 platform. From the high-end Aorus Master to the base Ultra Durable (UD) line, you want configuration and price options that suit almost everyone. The sheer number of choices confuses even this seasoned reviewer. The average consumer will almost certainly be overwhelmed deciding which one is best. Probably two motherboards of each size would be enough for him.

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