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Gigabyte Claims Next-Gen Ryzen CPUs Arrive on AM5 This Year

Giga Computing, Gigabyte’s enterprise division, recently announced two servers based on AMD’s Zen 4 processors. But more importantly, the manufacturer has confirmed that a successor to the Ryzen 7000 lineup, which offers some of the best CPUs on the market, will be arriving later this year.

Just like the AM4 socket, the AM5 socket will feature several generations of Ryzen processors. AMD has promised to support the AM5 socket until 2025. It’s no secret that Zen 5 is the successor to Zen 4. AMD’s final desktop processor roadmap has Zen 5 in 2024. Gigabyte’s statement implies that AMD may have pushed the Zen 5 release date forward. The next-generation processor could hit the retail market by the end of the year. However, the next-generation chip that Gigabyte is referring to could be the rumored Zen 4 refresh (Zen 4+).

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