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Google and Bing AI Bots Hallucinate AMD 9950X3D, Nvidia RTX 5090 Ti, Other Future Tech

AI chatbots such as Google Bard and Bing Chat (based on ChatGPT) are known for providing fabricated facts and false advice, even though both their developers and some publishers apparently believe they can replace professional human journalists. But if you want the best PC components and single-board computers of 2024 or 2025 today, Bard and Bing probably know better than anyone, including the manufacturers that develop them.

When I asked both Bard and Bing to help me choose between buying several different (potentially) different CPUs and graphics cards made in the future, the bots responded as if those products were already on the market and benchmarked. Bing’s bogus answer seemed to pull specs from current products, perhaps just confusing model numbers, but Google’s bots concocted some very interesting fictitious data.

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