‘Horseplay’ Review: Boys Will Be Boys

As the saying goes, boys will stay boys. In “Horseplay,” a group of young heterosexuals relax on a holiday in a sophisticated sprawling villa as they push each other away with their games of masculinity (e.g., throwing water on their sleeping guests). , begins to approach. limit point.

Directed by Marco Berger, Horseplay, set in the suburbs of Argentina, doesn’t have much forward momentum. Instead, the film plays like a twisted riff on a hangout movie, a “non-homo” antics in a movie like Richard Linklater’s Everyone Wants Some!! It’s a work of extremes, both in its leisurely pace and in the results of the antics of its characters.

They take naked pictures together, send them, and spank each other. The audience sees something upsetting as one of the group’s members, Poli (Franco de la Puente), stares at the youngsters pretending to be suckers and pretending to be penetrating. . But everyone else is content to relax in the cognitive dissonance of the blurred boundaries of homosocial intimacy rituals.

If not inert at all. Without a keen eye to cut to the core of this male bond, everything unravels slowly and without momentum. “Horseplay” is less like a sharply designed anthropological study of toxic masculinity, pervasive homophobia and misogyny than having to spend the day relaxing with the most annoying men. .

Unrated. Spanish, with subtitles. Running time: 1 hour 42 minutes. Available for rent or purchase on most major platforms.

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